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Washington Gains $200M After Losing 14,000 People in 2020, IRS Says

Although the population of Washington decreased by more than 14,000 in 2021, IRS data showed that the state earned about $200 million during that time.

Washington welcomed 203,562 taxpayers and dependents who had previously filed their federal tax returns as residents of another state, according to 2021 IRS data.

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On the other hand, 217,696 Washingtonians relocated. In other words, 14,407 more individuals are departing the Evergreen State than are moving there.

This is because while the influx of individuals to the state totaled $11.2 billion in adjusted gross income, the departure of persons from Washington represented more than $11 billion in adjusted gross revenue.

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IRS: Washington Earns $200 Million in 2020 After Losing 14,000 People

Center Square reported that the IRS compiled the taxpayers’ addresses before and after moving to a different state and changes to their gross income to create the data. The statistics doesn’t include people who didn’t file their taxes. A taxpayer’s domicile in 2019 represented a return received in 2020. The most recent data provided by the department includes tax returns for 2020 that were submitted in 2021.

Californians made up the lion’s share of the new taxpayers in Washington. Big Country News Connection, citing IRS data, mentioned that 46,667 taxpayers and their dependents relocated from California to Washington that year, bringing an adjusted gross income of more than $3.75 billion to the Evergreen state.

Contrarily, about 28,000 Washington residents relocated to California, the state’s most popular exit, carrying a little over $1.74 billion in adjusted gross income with them.

Overall, the “red states” prevailed in the struggle for the hearts and homes of relocating taxpayers. The states that acquired the most net residents were Florida, Texas, the Carolinas, and Tennessee. The states that lost the most people were California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Louisiana.

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