Georgia’s New $500 Tax Relief Payment Will Hit Your Bank Soon!

Some Americans are about to receive a new $500 tax relief payment from a $1 billion proposal in Georgia.

$500 tax relief payment
Millions of Americans are about to receive $500 tax relief payment. (Photo: CNET)

$500 Tax Relief Payment

Millions of Americans could receive a new $500 tax relief payment in Georgia. This will be sent to the taxpayers in the state if the bill will pass the Senate. This new tax relief payment is almost the same as the refund released last year.

According to a published article in The U.S. Sun, the $500 tax relief payment was part of the campaign of the re-elected Gov. Brian Kemp. The state Governor said that the funding for the new tax relief payment will be from Georgia’s surplus budget.

Representative Lauren McDonald, the author of the bill, said, “We’ve had a surplus in Georgia. It’s our responsibility to give the money back to the taxpayers that’s theirs,” Moreover, the state’s senate voted separately and in favor of the bill. They committed to putting in a budget worth $2.4 billion for a $500 tax relief payment.

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How Much Each Taxpayer Will Get from New Tax Relief Payment?

The amount that the taxpayers will get from the new tax relief payment will vary. In a published article in Capitol Beat, the amount of the refund will be the following:

  • Solo filers would qualify for $250
  • Solo filers would qualify for $250
  • Couples filing jointly would get $500

Furthermore, people who are claimed as dependent can get an amount of $250 refund not compared to the previous year.

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